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Custom Workflows

Create approval workflows to match your business requirements. We can includes supervisors, project managers, clients, and others in the approval chain. To ensure timely submission and approvals with alerts and notifications.

Approval Process and Workflow

Approvals workflow

In most organizations, items such as timesheets, expense report, and time off need to be approved. Approvals can either be set to occur in sequence or simultaneously.

Multi-Level Approval

Determines the sequence for approval. The approvals go to the approvers at level 1 first, followed by level 2, and so on. You can have multiple approvers at the same level. Either approvers at a level need to give approval before the content can be processed further.

Initiate and Approve Requests

While the requests may require multiple approvers to approve a step before it advances, any single approver can deny a step. The moment an approver denies a step, the request stops moving forward in the approval process, and the entire transaction is denied.

Automated Notifications

NeemHR Notifications are automated messages that remind users to complete HR tasks. For example, you can enable messages that automatically notify users when their timesheet is due, or approvers when an item is awaiting their approval. Reminder messages can help keep item submissions and approvals on schedule.

Employee Qualification

It enables you to maintain all necessary data about employee's qualifications in a single place


Employees can submit all requisite documents and also download those pushed by their admins.

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