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Turn new hires into valuable team members
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First Impression

First impressions are important. Automate your onboarding process by assigning predefined task lists to new employees. providing an easy, automatic and personal way to improve new employee experience, our software helps you ensure your new hires get off to a good start.

Paperless First days

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and greet new hires with a seamless onboarding process. Send automatic welcome emails to new hires and make them complete their paperworks within minutes online, eliminating redundant data entry and paper filing.

Make first day memorable

Share your HR paperwork and forms electronically with your new hires before their start date. Ensure new hires feel welcomed on their first day and give them a proper introduction to your business policies and cultures.

Onboarding at neemHR

At NeemHR, a professional Onboarding programme is designed for all new customers. When it comes to onboarding – guiding our customers to success – a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t work. We at NeemHR have a personalised approach to onboarding, taking into account your company size and industry, business processes, software use cases and requirements, and various other details.

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