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Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS)

Turn your complex hr process into simple using NeemHR

Awesome Features

NeemHR provides best-in-class HR Management experience to manage HR operations. It has everything you need to attract the best talent, and keep track of their progress and data.

End-to-End HRMS Management

HRMatrix modules provide end-to-end modules to manage the full life cycle of an employee from onboarding to offboarding. You can track employee training, praises, notes and benefits.

HRMS Fits Your Needs

HRMatrix fits your need, if your business grows, it will grow. It will accommodate any size data from a few files to many thousands. Scalability is built-in. No worries about how an HRMS handles your workloads as your business grows.

HRMS Got Simpler, Easier and Better

Simplify your HR process with HRMatrix Human Resource Management System (HRMS). It will streamline and align HR tasks to get it done sooner without the hassle and long delays.

Visually based HR Management


Align your HR to match your Company’s Goals.

Real-time HRMS Process Insight

HRMatrix enables your company to monitor HR process in real time, so you can have better insight to make it more robust and effective. Rapid onboarding with employee data management gives your company an edge over others.

HRMS Software Provide Value

HRMatrix HRMS provides exceptional value to your business. It lets you consolidate all employee data in a single place to help you make an informed decision. HRMatrix empowers your organization with automation of human resources processes and gives the ability to your company to perform better.

Organizational Chart

An organizational chart is on your fingertips to see who reports to whom to get real-time visibility of the organization.

Manage HRMS Records Effectively

Access of HRMS records anywhere. Employees can access their time off info, personal info, benefits, and training anytime from anywhere. Better informed employees bring effectiveness in organizational performance.

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