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Why Partner with NeemHR?.

Partner programs from NeemHR will delight you and your customers alike

  • Build new revenue streams.
  • Increase your clients ' HR practices.
  • Protect yourself from competition.
  • Recommend India #1 HR Small and Medium Enterprise Software

Find out which partner program aligns with your business goals


For small and medium-sized enterprises, you recommend the NeemHR HR software, and we pay you a commission for every deal we make. It's straightforward.

Integration of technology

Find out how our open API provides independent software vendors with new business opportunities around the world.


Authorized resellers of NeemHR have access to our training and support services in order to better sell, implement and support their customers.


We enjoy working with forward-thinking firms to provide meaningful leadership in content and thinking. If you're on the same page and you're talking to our audience already, we would love to join forces with you.